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Collectors of Avery needle cases are often interested in the history of the time period in which their needle cases were made.  Sometimes this curiosity includes the events leading up to the creation of needle cases and at other times it involves what has happened since.  Knowing more about history often brings more meaning to a person’s collection.

This webpage is dedicated to the history of the all things connected to Avery needle cases.  Our goal is to provide interesting historical information and to research all of the companies associated with Avery needle cases.  If you’d like to assist with this research or have ideas about other historical subjects you’d like to see, please contact us.


Here are the historical topics that have been researched to date.  The histories of Birmingham and Redditch are links to excellent websites dedicated to those cities.  Additional items will be added in the future as soon as the research is completed.  Detailed information can be found about each topic by selecting the item from the list below.

Descriptions of W. Avery & Son from the 19th Century
Avery Obituaries
W. Avery & Son Needle Factory
Portraits of William Avery
William Avery's Grave
Origin of W. Avery & Son
Avery Genealogy and Family History
William Avery's Original Letters Patent No. 2007
History of Birmingham
The Price of an Avery Needle Case in the 1870's
History of Avery Needle Cases
History of the Needle and Needle Making
History of a Needle by Edgar R. S. Bartleet
History of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Headless Cross
The Manufacture of Brass Needle Cases
Old Redditch Being an Early History of the Town by William Avery
History of Redditch

Company Histories

Here are the companies that have been researched to date.  Additional items will be added in the future as soon as the research is completed.  Detailed information can be found about each company by selecting the item from the list below.

Be advised that many of these histories were originally published in 2020 in the book entitled Histories of the Redditch Area Manufacturers Associated with Avery Needle Cases.  All of the histories from this book were simply converted from book formate to website format with only minor changes made to the website code due to a lack of detailed knowledge regarding how to code webpages.  As a result, the histories from this book will display slighty different than the rest of this website.  Additionally, the order of the photographs in the Images section will be different from the book and some of the links in the Endnotes might not work as expected.  The Introduction to this book provides details regarding how the research was done, includes maps showing where each company was located as well as when the compnay was first listed in local city and trade directories.  For information on how to purchase this book, visit New Avery Books.

William Avery & Son (short version) – Headless Cross, Redditch
William Avery & Son (more detailed version) – Headless Cross, Redditch
Asser & Sherwin – London
Baggallays, Westall & Spence – London
William Bartleet & Sons - Redditch
Alfred Booker & Co - Redditch
Cook – Son & Co – London
Copestake, Moore, Crampton & Co – London
John Anthony Croft - Astwood Bank, Redditch
John English & Co - Feckenham and John English & Son - Redditch
William W. Gould & Sons - Feckenham, Redditch
William Hall & Co - Studley, Redditch
Thomas Harper & Sons - Headless Cross, Redditch
Hayes, Crossley & Co - Alcester, Redditch
T. & J. Holyoake - Redditch
Richard Harrison & Co - Redditch
Arthur James - Redditch
Thomas Johnson & Sons - Redditch
Charles Laight & Co - Redditch
Henry Milward & Sons - Redditch
Abel Morrall - Studley, Redditch
Richard Newhall & Sons - Astwood Bank, Redditch
Perry & Co – Birmingham & London
James Smith & Son - Astwood Bank, Redditch
Samuel Thomas & Sons - Redditch
George Townsend & Co - Hunt End, Redditch
Richard Turner & Co - Redditch
C. G. Wacker & Co - Redditch
Joseph Welch - Redditch
William Woodfield & Sons - Redditch
Richard Wyers - Redditch

Master List

To date 227 Avery style needle cases have been discovered.  Visit these pages to see photographs of each design as well as the original design registration or patent and gain knowledge about variations within each design.

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Avery Survey

In 2013 an Avery Survey was created in order to gather as much information as possible about Avery style needle cases from collectors and interested parties around the world.  The Avery Survey is easy to complete and gives you a chance to contribute to this important research.  Be sure and stop here to see the survey results.

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About Us

Learn how the author turned a hobby cross stitching antique sampler reproductions into a passion for collecting Avery needle cases resulting in a published book, a Wikipedia article, a TCI Bulletin article and conference presentation and this website.

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New Avery Books

The companion books to Estelle Horowitz and Ruth Mann’s “Victorian Brass Needlecases” have finally been written.  Visit this page to learn more about how to order Terry Meinke's three books "A Guide to Collecting Avery Needle Cases - Second Edition" published in 2020, "Histories of the Redditch Area Manufacturers Associated with Avery Needle Cases" published in 2020 and “My Avery Needle Case Collection” published in April 2012.

A Guide to Collecting Avery Needle Cases