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One important aspect of research is keeping track of the sources of all information that is accumulated.  In this way others can review the original documents and see if they come to the same conclusions.  Peer review is always welcomed and is critical to scientific research, and it should be a part of historical research as well.

With that in mind, this page has been created to share resources.  If you have additional source data that you would like to share or disagree with our interpretation of the any of the data associated with Avery needle cases, please contact us so this page can be updated.

Our Bibliographies

This section includes references to all of the sources used by the author of this website.

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Other Resources

This section is for the resources that most Avery needle cases collectors might find of interest.


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Dorset Thimble Society International
Thimble Collectors International
Needlework Tool Collectors Society of Australia
The Thimble Society

Other Websites

Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch
More About Thimbles
Old Copper Website
The National Archives in Kew

Master List

To date 227 Avery style needle cases have been discovered.  Visit these pages to see photographs of each design as well as the original design registration or patent and gain knowledge about variations within each design.

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Avery Survey

In 2013 an Avery Survey was created in order to gather as much information as possible about Avery style needle cases from collectors and interested parties around the world.  The Avery Survey is easy to complete and gives you a chance to contribute to this important research.  Be sure and stop here to see the survey results.

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About Us

Learn how the author turned a hobby cross stitching antique sampler reproductions into a passion for collecting Avery needle cases resulting in a published book, a Wikipedia article, a TCI Bulletin article and conference presentation and this website.

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New Avery Books

The companion books to Estelle Horowitz and Ruth Mann’s “Victorian Brass Needlecases” have finally been written.  Visit this page to learn more about how to order Terry Meinke's four books "A Guide to Collecting Avery Needle Cases - Third Edition" published in 2023, "Histories of the Redditch Area Manufacturers Associated with Avery Needle Cases" published in 2020, "Histories of the Birmingham Area Companies Associated with Avery Needle Cases" published in 2022, "Histories of the London Area Companies Associated with Avery Needle Cases" published in 2023, and “My Avery Needle Case Collection” published in April 2012.

A Guide to Collecting Avery Needle Cases