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Avery Survey

In early 2013 the Avery Survey was created to collect data about Avery style brass needle cases.  Our goal is to accumulate as much information as possible about Averys from collectors and interested parties around the world in order to determine additional facts about them.  For example:  which styles were most common?  Which were most unique?  Which ones are the most desired?  Which were most often produced in nickel-silver?  Which were most often produced by or for companies other that W. Avery & Son?

All survey responses will be analyzed and the results will be added to the appropriate sections of this website within 30 days of receipt.  All individuals who complete the survey will be recognized in the contributors section, however only their name and state or country will be listed to protect their privacy.  No personal information about you or your survey responses will be distributed without your specific permission.

Most of the survey results received to date have been included in the Master List and Companies sections of this website.  Other more general results can be found on the Survey Results page.


The Avery Survey consists of the two forms listed below which can be downloaded as PDFs or WORD documents.  These can either be completed interactively and emailed back to us, or they can be completed manually and returned via the postal service.

Part I includes the new master list of Averys in a chart format which provides you with an easy way to indicate which items are in your collection.  The chart includes the name of the needle case, the most common company name stamped on the needle case and the most common material from which it was made.  Highlighted items with annotations on the chart indicate an item that has been uncovered since Horowitz and Mann wrote their book in 1990.  Part II is basic information about you and some more general questions about Averys.

To complete Part I of the survey place an “X” in the column entitled “Have” if you have the needle case in your possession.  Next compare the company name on your needle case to the one listed for that item on the survey chart.  If it matches the company name on the survey do nothing, however, if the company name is different, add the company name to the "Company Name if Different" column exactly as it appears on your needle case.  If it is unmarked, add the word "unmarked".  Lastly, review the needle case to determine whether it is made of one of the following materials: brass, nickel-silver or nickel-plating (looks like pewter or dull silver), silver (should have a hallmark stamped on the item), paper, wood or a combination of materials.  If your needle case is made of a material other than what is listed on the chart as the most common material for the item, add the material from which it is made to the "Material if Different" column.  If you are unsure, add the word "unsure".  After you have completed Part I, proceed to Part II and complete it.

Please return your survey to us at the email address listed on our Contact Us page.  If you’d like to return the survey via the postal service, please let us know and we’ll provide you with our mailing address.

Download Forms - PDFs

If you choose to use the PDF format you'll need to download the forms and complete them manually.  Then you can either scan them and return the scanned files to us via email or you can return the manually complete forms to us via the postal service.

Avery Survey Part 1 – PDF

Avery Survey Part 2 – PDF

Download Forms - WORD Documents

If you choose to use the WORD format you can download the forms and complete them interactively or manually.  Then you can either return the interactively completed forms to us by attaching the saved files to an email message or you can return the manually complete forms to us via the postal service.

Avery Survey Part 1 – WORD Document

Avery Survey Part 2 – WORD Document

Download Forms - Fillable PDFs

Current only Part 2 of the Avery Survey is availalbe as a fillable PDF.  This form was created using Adobe Reader and works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you are using another Internet browser, you may have difficulties completing this interactive form depending upon your PC’s internal settings and the version of Adobe Reader you are using.  You should always have the ability to interactively complete the form and print it, however, you may not be able to save the completed forms.  If you intend to email the completed form to us, try to download the file first and save it to your desk top or downloads directory before filling it out.  Then open it with Adobe Reader and fill in the form and resave.  Be sure to double check that the data you entered was in fact saved.  Some Internet browsers will not allow you to save completed forms or it will look like the data was saved, however when you access the form to review it, the data you entered is not there.  If you are unable to save the completed form, print it and mail it to us via the postal service.

Avery Survey Part 2 - Fillable PDF

Master List

To date 227 Avery style needle cases have been discovered.  Visit these pages to see photographs of each design as well as the original design registration or patent and gain knowledge about variations within each design.

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Survey Results

Visit this page to see the results of the survey to date.

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About Us

Learn how the author turned a hobby cross stitching antique sampler reproductions into a passion for collecting Avery needle cases resulting in a published book, a Wikipedia article, a TCI Bulletin article and conference presentation and this website.

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New Avery Books

The companion books to Estelle Horowitz and Ruth Mann’s “Victorian Brass Needlecases” have finally been written.  Visit this page to learn more about how to order Terry Meinke's four books "A Guide to Collecting Avery Needle Cases - Third Edition" published in 2023, "Histories of the Redditch Area Manufacturers Associated with Avery Needle Cases" published in 2020, "Histories of the Birmingham Area Companies Associated with Avery Needle Cases" published in 2022, and “My Avery Needle Case Collection” published in April 2012.

A Guide to Collecting Avery Needle Cases