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Old Redditch Being an Early History of the Town by William Avery

The following slides are the individual pages from Mr. Avery's book which was written and published in 1887.  Click on each slide to see a larger version of it or click on the PDF link below to download the entire booklet.  A special thank you goes to Raymond McLaren for provding this original document to the authors of this wesite.

Please note that this booklet was edited and reorganized by Anne Bradford in 1999 and republished under the name Old Redditch Being an early history of the town from 1800-1850 and can be purchased at some book shops and at  We highly recommend reading both versions.

Old Redditch Being an Early History of the Town – PDF

Left: cover.                                                                              Right: page i.

Left: pages ii-iii.                                                                              Right: pages iv-v.

Left: pages vi-vii.                                                                              Right: pages viii-ix.

Left: pages x-xi.                                                                              Right: pages xii-xiii.

Left: pages xiv-xv.                                                                              Right: pages xvi-xvii.

Left: pages xviii-xix.                                                                              Right: pages xx-xxi.

Left: pages xxii-xxiii.                                                                              Right: pages xxiv-xxv.

Left: pages xxvi-xxvii.                                                                              Right: pages xxviii-xxix.

Left: pages xxx-xxxi.                                                                             

Master List

To date 227 Avery style needle cases have been discovered.  Visit these pages to see photographs of each design as well as the original design registration or patent and gain knowledge about variations within each design.

Avery Survey

In 2013 an Avery Survey was created in order to gather as much information as possible about Avery style needle cases from collectors and interested parties around the world.  The Avery Survey is easy to complete and gives you a chance to contribute to this important research.  Be sure and stop here to see the survey results.

About Us

Learn how the author turned a hobby cross stitching antique sampler reproductions into a passion for collecting Avery needle cases resulting in a published book, a Wikipedia article, a TCI Bulletin article and conference presentation and this website.