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The Family Tree

Welcome to my home page. For the past five years I have been researching my ancestors. In the process I have learned much, accumulated boxes of information and written three books.

I've established this web site to:

red ball share my information with others
red ball locate other people who are related to my ancestors
red ball find other Dachshund lovers

The surnames I have researched are:

red ball Coulthart
red ball Huizinga
red ball Freiborg/Niggendijker
red ball Meinke
red ball Negen
red ball Ruge
red ball Schipper
red ball Voss
red ball Wilhelms
red ball Woltjer

If you are related to any of my ancestors or would like to contact me, please send me an EMAIL message at my Internet address:

Other cool stuff at this site:

star Terry in Scotland (~30K)
star Waldi the Wiennie Dog (~59K)
star Dinky the Hot Dog (~24K)
star Rosenkohl Kopf Kind und der Becker Boobie (~40K)
star Mom and Dad Meinke (~18K)
star Roberta Karasiewicz alias Roberta Russo

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