134th Infantry Regiment Crest

134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"

35th Infantry Division emblem

Battle Sites, Monuments and Memborabilia

35th Division - General Patton Monument at Lutremange, Belgium

Achain, France (Lorraine) as it appears in 2001

American Cemetery in Normandy - Tribute by Task Force Santa Fe, May 14, 2002

Battle of the Bulge Monument - Orlando, Florida

Battlefield Maps of St. Lo, France indicating postition of 134th Infantry Regiment July 15 - 18, 1944

Nazi Standarte and Red Cross flags beleive to have been captured by Company I

Captured Nazi Flag signed by 2nd Platoon, Company C

Captured Nazi Ortsgruppe Flag from Baarsen, Germany signed by Company L

Hill 122 - St. Lo, Normandy, France

Maps of the La Meauffe area in France (near St. Lo)

Memorial of la Madeleine - St. Lo, France

Memorial at La Meauffe, Collevile and St. James cemeteries.

Memorials at La Meauffe and St. Georges Moncoq, France (near St. Lo)

Monument at Flavigny

Munstermaifeld PX

Nebraska WWII 50th Anniversary Victory Token

Peirreville, France - Crossing the Madon River - As it appeared in September 1944 and May 2003

Plaque at Armaucourt France dedicated to Richard Harlan Evans, the 35th Division and the American Orphans

Plaque on bridge at Flavigny (Lt. Ralph Brennan)

Weiswampach, Luxembourg Monument to soldiers of Company C, 134th Infantry KIA 1/24 - 1/26/45

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