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The battle at Achain, France in November 1944, was one of the greatest battles fought by the 2nd Battalion of the 134th Infantry Regiment. Below is a photograph of Achain as it appears today (2001). In the background you can see a part of Rougemont ridge.

Mr. Jean-Christophe VALANCE, who lives in Lorraine, France was kind enough to provide this photograph. Mr. Valance's hobby is photographing battle sites from the U.S. Lorraine campaign during WWII.

Information about the battle at Achain, France can be found in Chapter XIII of General Miltonberger's "Combat History of the 134th Infantry Regiment", which is posted in the "History" section of this website. CLICK HERE to jump to that Chapter of the combat history.


Achain, France as it appears in 2001

My thanks to Mr. Jean-Christophe VALANCE for providing this photograph on June 3, 2001.


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