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134th Infantry Regiment IPW (Prisoner of War) Reports

Enemy soldiers captured by the 35th Infantry Division were interrogated by a specially trained Military Intelligence Team known as IPW Team #60. (IPW is an acronym for Interrogation Prisoners of War). In addition to the interrogation of captured enemy soldiers, this team also assisted in the interrogation of civilians, translated captured documents and acted as interpreters.

The Interrogators assigned to the 134th Infantry Regiment were Lt. Theodor Teimer, Jr., S/Sgt Egen Swartz, Sgt. Walter Cerf, T/3 Herbert H. R. Senftleben, T/5 Herman Spritzer and T/5 Eric Liebenstein.

The IPW Interrogation Reports posted on this website contain information about the identity of German units, names of their commanding officers, enemy troop strength, equipment, fortifications, troop morale, battle plans, the effects of allied attacks, etc. They range in date from July 1944 through April 1945.

Click on the hyperlinked month and year below to go to a list of IPW Interrogation reports for that particular month. The identity of the German military unit and when available the name of the enemy soldier being interrogated is shown for each report. Click on the hyperlinked report date to open a scanned image of the actual report, which can be read on line, saved, or printed

July 1944 August 1944 September 1944 October 1944 November 1944
December 1944 January 1945 February 1945 March 1945 April 1945

In addition to the IPW Interrogation Reports described above, the following miscellaneous Military Intelligence Reports are also available:

IPW Team 60 Report of activities prior to D-day

IPW Team 60 Report of activities since D-day" (through 2/7/1945)

134th Military Intelligence Teams Memorandum

You can also download a consolidated chronological index of all IPW Interrogation Reports that shows the identity of German military units and the names of the prisoners of war listed in each report from July 1944 through April 1945. This consolidated IPW Report index is available in either Microsoft Word or Text file format.

Consolidated IPW Report Index - Microsoft Word Format

Consolidated IPW Report Index - Rich Text Format

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