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216th Field Artillery Battalion Morning Report Master Index

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July 1944 Through May 1945

The Morning Report is a daily record of the Company and the soldiers assigned to it. They were filed every morning and cover a 24-hour period from midnight to midnight. Morning Reports are exception based. They do not list each soldier assigned to the Company, but only those whose status changed during the 24 hour period being reported. This includes men who were newly assigned or those dropped from duty with the Company for any reason (for example, those transferred to another unit, being treated in a hospital, on furlough, or men Killed in Action). They also include information on changes in rank and Military Occupation Specialty (MOS - the job duties assigned to a soldier). Morning Reports record the location of the Company and how many men were assigned as of that day. They occasionally include troop movements, weather, or other miscellaneous information.

Instructions for finding individual soldiers on the Morning Reports

First you will need to determine in which Battery the soldier served. Once you have determined his Battery, you will need to go to that Battery's alphabetic index to determine the dates of the Morning Reports on which he is listed. You can then click on the date link next to the soldier's name to view the actual Morning Report.

Step 1 - Click a letter below to go to a list of soldiers names beginning with that letter.

Step 2 - Once you locate the name you are searching for click on the Battery designation following the name (some served in multiple Batteries).  This will take you to the index for that Battery's Morning Reports:


A Battery B Battery C Battery
HQ Battery Service Battery  Medical Detachment 

List of abbreviations commonly used in Morning Reports

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