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Abbreviations Often Found in Morning Reports

APO - Army Post Office
aptd - appointed
ar - arrest
asgd or assgd - assigned
asgmt - assignment
atchd - attached
AWOL - absent without leave
BC - Battle Casualty
Bn - battalion
DP - disbursement point
det - detached
disch - discharged
D/D - dishonorable discharge
DOI - Died of Injuries
DOW - Died of Wounds
DS - detached service
dy - duty
EM - enlisted men
Fr - from
hosp - hospital
IIA - Injured in action
jd - joined
LD - Line of Duty
LIA - Lightly Injured in Action
Lv - leave
LWA - Lightly Wounded in Action (not believed life-threatening)
MCO - Main Civilian Occupation (as categorized by U.S. Army)
MIA - Missing in Action
MOS - Military Occupational Specialty (This is same as SSN)
NBC - Non-battle Casualty
nco - non-commissioned officer
NLD - not in the line of duty
no - number
opns - operations
PAR - paragraph
Pers - personnel
Plat or Plt - platoon
qrs - quarters
reld - relieved
Repl - replacement
reptd - reported
rd - reduced
RTD - Returned to Duty
SIA - Seriously Injured in Action
SIW - self inflicted wound
sk - sick
SSN - Service Specialty Number (This is same as MOS. Does NOT mean Social Security Number.)
SWA - Seriously Wounded in Action (believed life-threatening)
td - temporary duty
trfd - transferred
unasgd - unassigned
Vic or vic - vicinity
W - wound
WIA - Wounded in Action

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