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Film - 35th Division in WWI

Meusse-Argonne Map- 35th Division Sector

Meuse-Argonne Offensive - September 26 to November 11, 1918

On September 26, 1918 the 35th Division launched an attack in the Meuse-Argonne offensive, keeping up the attack for four days until relieved and placed in reserve. The final tally of casualties was 7,300 with 1,126 killed or died of wounds.


Scene Description
Scene 24 One-half kilometre north of Bertrams Farm, Meuse, France, Oct. 2, 1918 - Cos. E and G, 137th Inf., 35th Division, returning from the front after six days of action
Scene 25 Co. B, 140th Inf. RegtĀ», 55th Div., after five days of fighting in the Argonne. Of the 220 men only 105 survived
Scene 26 Co. C, 140th Inf. Regt. The blank files represent the 115 casualties of the Battle of the Argonne
Scene 27 Co. D, 140th Inf. Regt., Capt. R. W. Campbell commanding. The 95 men left out of the 238 who went into the Battle of the Argonne. This also shows the original size of the company with blank files representing the missing men
Scene 28 Marats-la-Grande, Jfeuse, France, Oct. 9, 1918 - Capt. J. W. Armour, Acting C.O. 1st Bn., 140th Inf. Regt., 35th Div., giving a lecture to embers of the 1st Bn., 140th Inf. Regt. This battalion suffered heavy losses during the five days fighting in the Argonne. Note; 1st Bn., 140th Inf., Regt., is composed of the former 3rd and 6th Missouri Infantry
Scene 29 Marats-la-Grande, Meuse, France, Oct. 10, 1918 - Sgt. T. W. Hurley of the Ordnance Repair Truck, 35th Div., inspecting the rifles of Co. E, 140th Inf. Regt., after the five-days' battle in the Argonne
Scene 30 Repairing the rifles
Scene 31 140th Inf., Regt. enjoying a band concert after the five-days' battle. This regiment suffered 1500 casualties
Scene 32 First Aid Dressing Station of the 35th Division
Scene 33 Benoitevaux, Meuse, France, Oct. 12, 1918 - Officers of the 35th Division eating lunch
Scene 34 Mounted Headquarters Troops of the 60th Artillery Brig., 35th Division
Scene 35 Soramedieue, Meuse, France, Nov. 2, 1918 - Pay day for Hdqtrs. Troop, 35th Division
Scene 36 Capt. R. M. Whaley and 2nd Lieut. L. H. Selby paying men of the 35th Div. Immediately on being paid, the men turn over a portion of their pay to 2nd Lieut. E. E. Clark for the support of a French orphan who was adopted by Hdqtrs. Troop
Scene 37 Soramedieue, Meuse, France, Nov. 6, 1918 - Some members of 'the 35th Division sewing on their service stripes after serving one year and six months in France
Scene 38 Soramedieue, Meuse, France, Oct. 21, 1918 - The town of Sonmedieue, where the 35th Division Headquarters is located
Scene 39 Brig. Gen. L. G, Berry, 60th F. A., holding conference with his Staff at Headquarters, 60th Artillery Brig., 35th Division. Personnel, left to right: 1st Lieut. C. U. Pickrell, Capt. A. R. Watzek, Brig. Gen. L. G. Berry, 2nd Lieut. B. R.Jones, Adj. L. Julian, 1st Lieut. C. L. Tylee, 2nd Lieut. F. B. Gill and Capt. M. Y. Z. Belden
Scene 40 A map showing the location of Headquarters, 35th
Scene 41 The four surviving officers of the 1st Bn. 138th Inf., after the drive in the Argonne Sector starting Sept. 26th, 1918. Personnel, left to right: 1st Lieut. L. C. Brightfield, Bn. Commander; 2nd Lieut. W. B. Edmonson, 129th Machine Gun Bn.; 1st Lieut. R. S. Kiefer, Surgeon, and 2nd Lieut. H. R. Adams, Adj.
Scene 42 Sommedieue, Meuse, France, Oct. 21, 1918 - Maj. Gen. Peter E. Traub and Staff of the 35th Division
Scene 43 Maj. Gen. Traub, C.G., 35th Div., giving a few minutes lecture to his Staff
Scene 44 Sommedieue, Meuse, France, Oct. 18, 1918 - Maj. Gen. Peter E. Traub, commanding 35th Division
Scene 45 Maj. Gen. Traub before departing for a tour of inspection of the front, giving instructions to Major D. F. Davis, Asst. Chief of Staff, 35th Division


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