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Film - 35th Division in WWI

Meusse-Argonne Map- 35th Division Sector

Meuse-Argonne Offensive - September 26 to November 11, 1918

On September 26, 1918 the 35th Division launched an attack in the Meuse-Argonne offensive, keeping up the attack for four days until relieved and placed in reserve. The final tally of casualties was 7,300 with 1,126 killed or died of wounds.


Scene Description
Scene 1 Pierrefitte, Meuse, France, Nov. 9, 1918 - Co. F, 137th Inf., 35th Div., marching in the rain enroute to a new sector
Scene 2 Splashing through mud
Scene 3 Men of the 70th Brig., 35th Division on the road leading to Verdun
Scene 4 Chaumont-sur-Aire, Meuse, France, Oct. 12, 1918 - Men of the 70th Brig., 35th Div., on the way to the front
Scene 5 Courouvre. Meuse. France. Oct. 12, 1918 - Battery E, 128th Field Artillery, passing through the village enroute to the front
Scene 6 Conde-en-Barrois, France, Oct. 11, 1918 - Couriers leaving Division Hdqtrs. with Orders to Regimental Commanders
Scene 7 Map of the 35th Division sector
Scene 8 East of Verdun, Meuse, France, Oct. 28, 1918 - Dugouts occupied as Regimental Hdqtrs., 139th Inf., on the old Verdun front.
Note; 139th Inf., 70th Brig., 35th Div., is composed of the former 3rd Kansas Inf. and 4th Mo. Inf.
Scene 9 View from Regimental Hdqtrs. of Douaumont Fort. Note the shell-torn ground
Scene 10 Men of Co. D, 1st Bn., 138th Inf., 69th Brig., 35th Division at P. C. Tunis, resting before going on guard
Scene 11 Two American soldiers going into their dugout for a few hours' rest
Scene 12 Men of the 35th Division on a parapet waiting for a chance shot at the enemy
Scene 13 Sharpshooters on the alert
Scene 14 Picked men of the 1st Bn., 139th Inf., who are used at Headquarters for hazardous work
Scene 15 Sommedieue Sector, east of Verdun, Meuse, France, Nov. 1, 1918 - An American sniper firing a few shots through the barbed wire on his way back from night patrol
Scene 16 Sommedieue, Meuse. France. Nov. 1. 1918 - Propaganda which was attached to German propaganda balloon, showing extracts from President Wilson's speech and the last German note on peace
Scene 17 1st Lieut. Lloyd C. Brightfield giving instructions to company commanders of the 1st Bn.. 138th Inf.
Scene 18 Camouflage over same dugouts in a stone quarry. The white camouflage represents the continuation of the road
Scene 19 Sommedieue. Meuse, France, Oct. 27, 1918 - Men of Battery F, 130th F. A., cleaning their guns. Note: 130th F. A., 60th Brig., 35th Div., was formerly the 1st Kansas F. A.
Scene 20 Lee Cotes de Forimont, Meuse, France, Sept. 27, 1918 - 75 mn. guns firing a creeping barrage into the German lines. Battery D, 128th F. A., 35th Div., commanded by Lieut. Davidson, is on the east side of the road between Boureuilles and Neuvilly and a quarter of a mile south of post command of the 35th Division
Scene 21 Map showing position of Battery F, 130th F. A., and direction of German lines on which it is firing
Scene 22 French 75 mm guns manned by French gunners
Scene 23 Sommedieue, Meuse, France, Oct. 21, 1918 - Men of Battery C, 130th Field Artillery, 35th Division, carrying ammunition for the 155 mm. Howitzers


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