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The Siegfried Line

War Office Notes on German Fieldworks - Number 4

This War Department Military Intelligence Report contains descriptions, illustrations, and photographs of German field works known as the Siegfried Line.

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MI-10; The War Office
June, 1944; 0160/2409


1. Introduction
2. Description
3. Design
a. General
b. Concrete
c. Reinforcement
d. Doors
e. Lighting
f. Telephones
g. Steel Cupolas
4. Shelters
5. Obstacles
a. General
b. Ditches
c. Dragon's Teeth
d. Curved rail
e. Hedgehogs
f. Escarpments
g. Wire
6. Photographs

Index to Figures

1. Single, front, MG Pillbox, type A
2. Single, front, MG Pillbox, types B & C
3. Single, flank, MG Pillbox, type A
4. Double, MG Pillbox, type A
5. Double, MG Pillbox, type B
6. Double, MG Pillbox, type C
7. Double, MG Pillbox, type D
8. Double, MG Pillbox, type E
9. Treble, MG Pillbox, type A
10. Single, flank A. tk. pillbox, type A; Flank A. tk. and MG pillbox, type A
11. Single, front, gun pillbox, type A
12. Types of fabricated steel loopholes for MG
13. Types of fabricated steel loopholes for A. tk gun
14. Types of steel cupola
15. Shelter Type A
16. Shelter Type B
17. Shelter Type C

Download original document in PDF format

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