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Names beginning with the letter Q

Personnel Rosters frequently include information such as a soldier's Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) - the job duties assigned to a soldier; Army Service Rating Score (ASR) - the score used to determine whether the soldier was eligible to return to the US; or other infomation. Names on this index were transcribed from photocopies of the original rosters. Therefore some names may be spelled incorrectly due to the poor quality of original documents or other transcription errors.


Locate the name you are searching for then select the Company designation following the name (some soldiers served in multiple Companies). This will take you to the index for that Company's Personnel Rosters where you can view or download a scanned copy of the original roster:


Quante,Paul,H,37134482,Headquarters Company

Quarles,Fred,E,35721495,Company G

Queen,George,Q,35237698,Company K

Queen,Howard,,34763319,Company L

Quigley,Andrew,E,34683091,Company I

Quigley,Andrew,E,34683091,Headquarters Company

Quillen,William,T,35779682,Company G

Quinlan,Carl,W,37113043,Anti Tank Company

Quinlan,Carl,W,37113043,Headquarters Company

Quinn,Donald,R,37743571,Anti Tank Company

Quinn,Donald,R,37743571,Company E

Quinn,Francis,J,32720070,Company K

Quinn,"Francis, Jr",W,36990050,Company H

Quinn,John,F,33891759,Company G

Quinn,John,,31258981,Company L

Quinones,John,,38673815,Company K

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