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All 35th Infantry Division Units and Special Troops, except for the 137th Infantry Regiment, sailed home to the U.S. aboard the Queen Mary which left Southhampton, England on September 5, 1945 and arrived in New York Harbor 5 days later on Monday, September 10, 1945. Soldiers who sailed home with the 35th Infantry Division aboard the Queen Mary will appear on these lists.

Key to reading these passenger lists:  Last Name; First Name; Middle Initial; Reception Station Number (in parenthesis following the name) - a place in the boarding area or on the ship where men assembled; Rank; ASR (Adjusted Service Ratings score) - numeric system used to determine which soldiers were eligible to return to the U.S. based on criteria such as time in service, awards, dependent children, etc.; Army Serial Number (ASN); Arm of Service - examples INF = Infantry, CE = Combat Engineer, FA = Field Artillery, MD = Medical Department; Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) - a numeric code used to identify a specific Army job.

Locate the name you are searching for and select the unit designation following the name   This will take you to a scanned image of that unit's returning passenger list:


Iacovine,Ernest,F,Pfc,33709558,134th Inf Reg

Iacovine,William,J,Pfc,33813097,134th Inf Reg

Iannacone,Samuel,,Sgt,42106391,320th Inf Reg

Iavicola,"Frank, Jr",R,Pfc,33801135,Special Troops

Ibanez,Philip,,T/5,39539952,60th ECB

Idol,Charles,E,Pfc,34869314,134th Inf Reg

Iezzi,Frank,R,Cpl,32712857,110th Med Bn

Iffland,Erich,,Sgt,32213781,Special Troops

Ignasiak,Alphonse,H,Pfc,35297672,320th Inf Reg

Ihlan,Ellert,M,Pfc,37125680,134th Inf Reg

Ihrig,"George, Jr",E,Pfc,35053518,1st Prov Bn

Ikenberry,Earl,C,Pvt,20734538,216th FAB

Iliano,Herman,,T/5,35025959,Special Troops

Ilnicki,Casimir,F,Pfc,36048595,134th Inf Reg

Imbriaco,Nicholas,,S/Sgt,6901757,320th Inf Reg

Imbrock,Alvin,W,Pfc,35337231,219th FAB

Imerman,Norman,L,Sgt,32505075,320th Inf Reg

Imperial,Louis,,Pfc,32793540,134th Inf Reg

Indico,Alfred,A,Pfc,42000209,161st FAB

Indiviglio,Serafino,L,Cpl,32408197,320th Inf Reg

Indivino,Charles,T,T/Sgt,32585709,134th Inf Reg

Infante,Dominic,A,Pfc,33408258,Special Troops

Infinger,George,L,Pvt,34093063,216th FAB

Ingber,Fred,,T/5,32411492,110th Med Bn

Ingersoll,Lavern,W,Pfc,37663636,Special Troops

Ingle,Vernon,A,Capt,O-523444,320th Inf Reg

Inglehart,"Robert, Jr",I,2nd Lt,O-1059505,216th FAB

Ingram,Edward,C,Pfc,39453752,219th FAB

Ingram,Herbert,O,Pfc,35689387,134th Inf Reg

Ingram,Lyman,L,Cpl,34684941,216th FAB

Inman,Junior,R,Pfc,37379494,219th FAB

Inman,William,H,Pfc,44057119,320th Inf Reg

Interrante,Lester,A,Pfc,33604547,Special Troops

Intihar,Theodore,F,Pfc,42145268,320th Inf Reg

Iovine,Joseph,C,Sgt,34563605,1st Prov Bn

Ippolito,Daniel,V,Pfc,32244591,Special Troops

Irey,John,L,Sgt,20924537,320th Inf Reg

Irish,Walter,E,T/4,37162170,134th Inf Reg

Irvin,Charlie,,Pfc,34145198,320th Inf Reg

Irvine,Robert,E,S/Sgt,36177969,216th FAB

Irving,William,E,Pfc,32851945,134th Inf Reg

Irwin,Frank,,T/4,36528995,127th FAB

Isbell,J B,,Pfc,34365985,134th Inf Reg

Isham,Bernard,L,Pfc,11071286,320th Inf Reg

Isrel,Tommy,G,T/5,14138187,134th Inf Reg

Istle,Anthony,,Pfc,39315410,219th FAB

Itzkowitz,Lou,,Pfc,32791473,320th Inf Reg

Ivacko,Joseph,J,Pfc,36835788,Special Troops

Ivan,Joseph,A,Pfc,35557611,320th Inf Reg

Ives,James,L,Pfc,42113793,320th Inf Reg

Iwaszewski,Bonifacy,J,1st/Sgt,39165655,Special Troops

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