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Report of Action Against the Enemy

134th Infantry Regiment

September 1 to September 30, 1944

Headquarters 134th Infantry Regiment
APO #35, U S Army
1 October 1944

Transcribed by Roberta V. Russo, Palatine IL, 1/12/2012

Subject: Report of Action Against the Enemy

To: The Adjutant General, Washington, D. C.

Thru: Commanding General, 35th Infantry Division, APO #35, U S Army

1. In compliance with C-3, Par 10, AR 345-105, the following report of action against the enemy by the 134th Infantry Regiment during the period 1 September 1944 to 30 September 1944 is submitted.

2. On 1 September 1944 the 134th Infantry Regiment was in assembly near Aix en Othe, France, in 35th Division Reserve. The regimental mission was to patrol the right flank of the Division from Sens to Bar Sur Seine. The unit continued on this mission until 8 September 1944.

On 8 September 1944 the regiment moved by motor to Thuilley for the purpose of covering the assembling of the 35th Infantry Division in that area. The regiment remained in Thuilley until 10 September 1944 when it advanced east and secured the west bank of the Moselle River. The 2d Battalion of the regiment attempted to secure a bridge across the Moselle River near Flavigny but suffered heavy casualties from artillery and small arms fire which delayed their crossing and enabled the enemy to destroy the bridge.

During the period 11 September to 13 September 1944 the regiment continued to patrol the west bank of the Moselle River. On 14 September the 134th Infantry Regiment, less the 2d Battalion, moved by motor to the vicinity of Toule and on 15 September 1944 attacked east toward Nancy. By 1500 on September 15th the regiment had secured the city of Nancy and was preparing to cross the Meurthe River and continue the advance to the east.

On 16 September 1944, the 1st and 3d Battalions of the regiment secured a bridgehead across the Meurthe River. During the period from September 17th to September 24th the 134th Infantry continued to attack to the north and east against heavy opposition from the enemy. On September 24th the regiment was ordered to occupy a defensive position along a line generally from Leyr to Fresnes. It continued to hold this line for the remainder of the period and succeeded in repulsing several enemy attacks launched against it.

Morale during the period was superior. Casualties incurred during the period were as follows:

Killed in Action - 82
Wounded in Action - 585
Missing in Action - 378

528 prisoners were captured.

3. Copy of the unit journal is attached.

Colonel, 134th Infantry

Unit Journal

319.1, 1st Ind, RGC/mla
(1 Oct 44)
HQ 35TH INF DIV, APO 35, U S Army, 12 Oct 44

To: Commanding General, XII Corps, APO 312, U S Army

Forwarded in compliance with paragraph 2, letter Headquarters Third U. S. Army, AG 314.7 (GNMCF), subject: Action Against Enemy, Reports After, dated 24 September 1944.

For the Commanding General:

Lt. Col. A. G. D.
Adjutant General


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