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Report of Action Against the Enemy

134th Infantry Regiment

October 1 to October 31, 1944

1 Nov 44

Transcribed by Roberta V. Russo, Palatine IL, 1/12/2012

SUBJECT: Report of Action Against the Enemy

TO: The Adjutant General, Washington, D. C.

THRU: Commanding General, 35th Infantry Division, APO #35, U S Army.

1. In compliance with C-3, Par 10, AR 345-105, the following report of action against the enemy by the 134th Infantry Regiment during the period 1 Oct 44 to 31 Oct 44 is submitted.

2. From 1 October 1944 to 7 October 1944 the 134th Infantry Regiment occupied a defensive line running generally from Leyr to the vicinity of Fresnes. At 0615 on 8 October 1944 the 3d Battalion of the 137th Infantry, in conjunction with Company A, 134th Infantry, Company A, 737th Tank Battalion, and Company A, 654th Tank Destroyer Battalion, passed through the 1st Battalion of the Regiment and attacked north on and seized Fossieux.

During the period 8 October to 10 October the 3d Battalion of the 137th Infantry remained attached to the Regiment and the new line Leyr-Fossieux-Foret de Gremercy was consolidated. On 11 October 1944 the 1st Battalion, 134th Infantry, relieved the 3d Battalion, 137th Infantry which then reverted to control of the 137th Infantry.

On 12 October 1944 the 1st Battalion assumed responsibility for the 2d Battalion sector in addition to its own with the exception of the extreme right platoon area, responsibility for which was assumed by the 3d Battalion of the Regiment. The 2d Battalion reverted to Regimental Reserve in the vicinity of Manhoue when relief was completed.

The relief of the 134th Infantry by the 137th Infantry was completed on 15 October 1944 and the 134th Infantry reverted to Division Reserve in the vicinity of Brin-Sur-Seille.

On 24 October 1944, the 134th Infantry relieved the 320th Infantry in the right sector of the 35th Division on a line running generally south from Foret de Gremercy (inclusive) in Highway N-74 (exclusive). The 134th Infantry continued to defend this line through the remainder of the period with patrol activity and artillery and mortar shelling the only action in the sector.

3. Morale during the period was superior. The following listed casualties were incurred:

Killed in Action - 34
Missing in Action - 47
Wounded in Action - 204

Prisoners of War Captured During Period - 372.

4. Unit Journal, S-3 Situation Reports, and S-2 Periodic Reports for the period are attached.

Colonel, 134th Infantry

Incls - 3
#1 - Unit Journal
#2 - S-3 Situation Reports
#3 - S-2 Periodic Reports

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