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Report of Action Against the Enemy

134th Infantry Regiment

November 1 to November 30, 1944


Headquarters 134th Infantry Regiment
APO #35, U S Army
3 December 44

Transcribed by Roberta V. Russo, Palatine IL, 1/13/2012

SUBJECT: Report of Action Against the Enemy

TO: The Adjutant General, Washington, D. C.

THRU: Commanding General, 35th Inf Div, APO #35, U S Army.

1. In compliance with C-3, Par 10, AR 345-105, the following report of action against the enemy by the 134th Infantry Regiment during the period 1 November 1944 to 30 November 1944 is submitted

2. Nov 1 to 6 incl - - The regiment continued the defensive action in the Foret de Gremercy in which it was engaged at the end of the last period. Vigorous patrolling was carried on, resulting in accurate information of enemy positions that was of great value later in the operation. Battalion reserve assignments were rotated among various companies and needed training in basic subjects was accomplished. A patrol school was also operated with practical work coordinated with the tactical operation.

Nov 7 and 8 incl - - The 134th Infantry, less a covering force, was assembled as Division Reserve. On the 8th the covering force was withdrawn and the 1st Battalion was alerted for attachment to the 320th Infantry.

Nov 9 to 15 incl - - Jumping off from the NE edge of the Foret de Gremercy, with the 2d and 3d Battalions in the lead, the Regiment launched an attack that carried it successively thru (illegible), Foret de Chateau-Salins, Amelecourt, Lubecourt, Gerbecourt, Vaxy, Puttigny, Vannecourt, Dalhain , Bellange, Haboudange, Achain, Rode, Pavange, Bellevue, Racrange and finally into the key town of Morhange. 241 PWs were evacuated during this operation in addition to heavy losses inflicted on the enemy in dead and wounded. Many tanks and SP guns that had been stubbornly resisting the advance were destroyed and several concrete pillboxes were overrun. It was for action at Achain that Staff Sgt Junior J. Spurrier of Company G was recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Nov 15 to 21 incl - The regiment reorganized and reverted to Division Reserve, occupying positions vicinity of Morhange and (illegible). The 1st Battalion, operated patrols in the (illegible), protecting the right flank of the Regimental area. On Nov 19th an alert order was received to prepare for movement within one hour. On the 20th the order for displacement to the vicinity of Linstroff, beginning at 1000, was received. The Regiment closed in the new area at 1530 on the 21st.

Nov 22 to 27 incl - At 1500 on the 22d the Combat Team was attached to the 6th Armd Div, closing into new assembly positions vicinity of Ersthoff and Hellimer early on the 23d with the 2d Bn remaining in Division Reserve at Linstroff. Later the same day new assembly positions were occupied, with the 1st Bn vicinity of Petit-Tenquin prepared to attack to the N & E; the 2d Battalion remaining in Div Res at Linstroff; the 3d Battalion moving to vicinity of St. Jean-Rohrbach, prepared to attack to the N & E. Both 1st and 3d Battalions were elements of Task Forces of (illegible), 6th Armd Div, the 1st with TF #1 and the 3d with TF #2. At 1300 on the 24th, TF #1 attacked and seized the town of Hilsprich under heavy artillery and mortar fire. TF #2, launching its attack at the same time, encountered and anti-tank ditch, plus heavy mortar and artillery fire, and were forced to establish an Infantry bridgehead to cover the bridging of the ditch to facilitate the movement of the armor. The next day both forces continued the advance, seizing the town of Remering, while the 2nd Bn occupied a new assembly area as Div Res at Hilsprich. On the 26th the 2d Bn was committed to the SE, seizing Hirbach and Hinsing. Extremely heavy mortar and artillery fire was received from the N & E, with accurate small arms fire from the vicinity of Holving. Reconnaissance was made by all units for possible crossing sites on the flood swollen Moderbach River. At 1650 on the 27th the regiment reverted to control of the 35th Div.

Nov 28 to 30 incl - The Regiment consolidated and improved its position and prepared to assemble upon relief by the 6th Armd Div. Relief was accomplished on the 28th and the movement to the area Hilsprich-St Jean Rohrbach was completed. On the 29th as part of the Division in Corps Reserve, the 134th Infantry closed into assembly at Lixing, Lelling, (illegible) and (illegible), where the end of the period found the regiment engaged in a training program that included the firing of all small arms and small unit tactics.

3. Morale during the period was superior. The following listed casualties were incurred:

Killed in Action - 69
Missing in Action 103
Wounded in Action - 728

Prisoners of war captured during the period - 301

4. Unit journal, S-3 Situation Reports, and S-2 Periodic Reports for the period are attached.

Colonel, 134th Infantry

Incls - 3
Unit Journal
S-3 Situation Report
S-2 Periodic Report

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