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Report of Action Against the Enemy

134th Infantry Regiment

July 1 to July 31, 1944

Headquarters 134th Infantry Regiment
APO #35, New York
3 August 1944

Transcribed by Roberta V. Russo, Palatine IL, 1/12/2012

SUBJECT: Report of Action Against the Enemy

TO: The Adjutant General, Washington, D.C.

THRU: Commanding General, 35th Infantry Division, APO #35, New York, N.Y.

1. In compliance with C-3, Par 10, AR 345-105, the following report of action against the enemy by the 134th Infantry Regiment during the period of 1 July 44 to 31 July 44 is submitted.

2. The 134th Infantry Regiment arrived in France on 5 July 1944. During the period from 5 July 1944 to 7 July 1944 the Regiment was assembled near Mercey, France for the purpose of organization and preparation for combat. On 8 July 1944 the 2d Battalion, 134th Infantry Regiment, was placed in XIX Corps reserve and was moved to a point southwest of Carenton to relieve the 2d Battalion of the 120th Infantry. This battalion occupied and maintained a defensive position on the line until 10 July 1944 when it reverted to Regimental control and rejoined the Regiment at Les Essarts, France.

On 9 July 1944 the Regiment was placed in XIX Corps reserve and remained in that assignment until 13 July 1944 when it was ordered to relieve the 115th Infantry north of St. Lo, France. This relief was accomplished on 14 July 1944.

On 15 July 1944 the Regiment launched an attack to the south with Hill 122 as the initial objective and St. Lo as the final objective. The 1st and 2d Battalions of the Regiment were used as assault battalions and succeeded in advancing several thousand yards during the day. The town of Emilie was captured late in the afternoon and elements of the Regiment succeeded in reaching Hill 122 after forcing the enemy to withdraw. Both assault battalions were heavily engaged at all times during the day.

The Regiment continued the attack on 16 July 1944. The 3d Battalion was committed on the right of the 1st Battalion. The 1st Battalion of the Regiment seized and held Hill 122 in the morning and continued the attack to the south.

At 0430 on 17 July 1944 the attack was renewed with all battalions advancing initially but after a gain of 400 yards the advance was halted by heavy artillery and small arms fire. All units were heavily engaged for the remainder of the day, but due to terrain features were unable to dislodge the enemy.

The advance continued on 18 July 1944 and a gain of 2,000 yards was made. Prior to dark the Regiment had succeeded in seizing the high ground 1,500 yards north of St. Lo and patrols were sent to the Vire River (illegible) edge of the city.

On 19 July 1944 the Regiment was ordered to occupy and defend a line running generally east and west from St. Georges Montcoco to La Rocque. The 1st Battalion advanced into and occupied the city of St. Lo. The Regiment remained in defense of the city until 27 July 1944 when an attack was launched to seize the high ground south and west of St. Lo. The attack was made at 1500 and by 2230 the 1st Battalion had seized the Regimental objective. At 2300 on this date the Regiment was assigned to V Corps.

The attack southward was continued on 28 July 1944 through 31 July 1944. The advance was steady and was met with heavy opposition at all times. By 2400, 31 July 1944, the Regiment had advanced to within 1,000 yards of Torigini Sur Vire, France and was continuing the attack.

Morale during the entire period was superior. Casualties incurred were as follows:

Killed in Action - - 184
Wounded in Action - - 949
Missing in Action - - 147

Three hundred and two enemy prisoners were captured during this period.

3. Copy of unit journal is attached.

Colonel, 134th Infantry

Incl - Unit Journal, 134th Infantry Regiment

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