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Combat History of the 137th Infantry Regiment

World War II

Transcribed by Roberta V. Russo, Palatine, Illinois


This history has been prepared through the joint collaboration of the following officers and enlisted men:

Captain Jack L. Smith - Representative of Regimental Headquarters and Special Units.

Major Robert L. Stephenson - Representative of First Battalion

Lt. Col. George T. O'Connell - Representative of Second Battalion

Lt. Col. Albert M. Butler - Representative of Third Battalion

M/Sgt. Chester V. Jackson - Regimental Operations Sergeant.

All officers and non-commissioned officers listed above were with the Regiment during the entire action and have religiously edited and compiled all available sources of material to insure a correct and accurate history of the action of the 137th Infantry during World War II.

We would also like to express our appreciation to 1st Lt. William Beasley for the work he did in checking and correcting the proofs for this book.

Much credit is due the members of the Regimental and Battalion Operations sections who are no longer with the Regiment for the vast amount of fragmentary information recorded during the heat of battle, which has helped immeasurably in the compilation of this history.


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