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134th Infantry Regiment

"All Hell Can't Stop Us"

35th Infantry Division emblem

Combat History of the 137th Infantry Regiment

World War II

Transcribed by Roberta V. Russo, Palatine, Illinois

Chapter 6 - Photographs and Maps


Kraut plane shot down by our AA near Tangermunde, Germany

Bridge the Regiment used to cross the Rhine


Eight-inch rifle

Map, Reinberg, Hamborn area


Map, Gelsenkirchen area

Geisenkirchen, Germany

On the west bank of the Elbe River

Bomb damage over Buer, Germany

Map, Recklinghausen area

Map, Bochum area

Rhine River crossing above Rheinberg, Germany

Rhine River crossing above Rheinberg, Germany

Convoy leaving Herne, German, Ruhr Pocket, on way to Hildesheim

Ernie Pyle Bridge, Dusseldorf, Germany

Herne, Germany

137th Infantrymen before a German bus taken near Stendal, Germany

We go ahead on into Germany

Russian and Polish laborers working in Germany under Nazi rule

Road signs near Buch, Germany

Carload of V-1's and Lieutenant Parkhurst at Tangerhutte, Germany

Motor of a ME-109 shot down by our AA's


Kraut prisoners on the Elbe River

Stukas near Hanover, Germany



Pontoon bridge over the Weser River at Hameln

Doughboys watch the white phosphorus shells burst on German positions


German prisoners are searched for weapons

Lt. Sudduth, Sgt. Bickley, and Driver

This was the entrance to a Kraut Garrison

Booby-trapped barbed wire entrance into the Siegfried Line

Anti-tank ditches dug by slave labor near Gros Tenquin, France

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