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Combat History of the 137th Infantry Regiment

World War II

Transcribed by Roberta V. Russo, Palatine, Illinois

Chapter 3 - Photographs and Maps

Statue of Jeanne de'Arc of Orleans before she lost her sword in the second battle of Orleans

Orleans, France - A French patriot. The FFI was first contacted in Central Europe.

The Moselle River between Crevechamps and Velle, from the west bank near where the 137th made its initial crossing.

General Mud, very much an enemy in the last phase of the Battle of Northern France

Map - Mortain area

Shaving in zero weather

Eating chow in France

A convoy in Montargis, France

Orleans - La Place du Matroi

Orleans - La Rue Jeanne d'Arc and the Orleans Cathedral

Taking a break

Captured German 88 near Orleans

Sgt. Guffey and Pvt. Jones west of Montargis, France

Orleans - Maison de Jeanne d'Arc

Col. Murrey in front of German barracks in Metz, France

Moselle River Crossing, Flavigny

Where the 2nd Battalion dug in along the east bank of the canal at Crevechamps, France, near the Moselle crossing.

German machine gun position overlooking the Moselle River.





Field of fire of German machine gun position overlooking the Meurthe River

Knocked-out German tanks east of the Moselle River.

Map, Meurthe River Crossing

Map, Gremecey Forest

Medics of the 137th Infantry carry a casualty back through heavily mined fields in France

The linemen had a tough time, too

With straw to cushion the earthen floor, members of the 219th Field Artillery Battalion give their makeshift shelter all the comforts of a GI "Home" somewhere in France.

An engineer of the 60th Engineer Battalion stands by with a mine detector after clearing the way for members of a graves registration party who were out to recover the body of an American casualty. The soldier was killed when he stepped on a Nazi "8" mine near Nancy, France.

In Gremecey Forest

Fort Gambetta - outer defense circle of Metz.

Rau d'Osson Manhoue, where the 2nd Battalion crossed to Malaucourt.

Malaucourt, France, taken November 8th by the 2nd Battalion

Jallacourt taken November 8, 1945, by 1st Battalion.

Member of Reconnaissance Company, 654th Tank Destroyer Battalion, attached to the 137th Infantry, shown with his captured German Paratroop motor bike which he picked up in the drive northeast of Nancy, France.

Destry, taken by the 2nd Battalion

Baronville, taken by 3rd Battalion.

Map, Delme-Destry Movement

The town of Fremestroff, France, for the capture of which the 3rd Battalion received the Unit Citation.

German "Panther" knocked out by a 3rd Battalion mine.

Kraut assault gun knocked out at Hillmer Offenbach, France

The mud and floods of Eastern France

Gros-Tenquin, Hellimer Area

Anti-aircraft machine guns of the 448th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion stand ready to protect this canal near Saareinsming, Alsace Lorraine.

The bridge over the Saar River which the 2nd and 3rd Battalions crossed to take Sarreguemines.

The pottery plant in Sarreguemines for the capture of which Company F received the Unit Citation.

Inside the pottery plant at Sarreguemines

The doughs move up

A new M-36 tank destroyer is ready for action in Germany. The burning building in the background was hit by a German shell earlier in the day

Map, Sarreguemines area

Fort at Metz

One of the forts at Metz

Metz, Christmas Day

A demolished bridge at Metz

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