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134th Infantry Regiment

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Names beginning with the letter C

This database was compiled by Mr. Rick Callendar based on the book "35th Infantry Division Roster POE to POE".  The alphabetical listings on these web pages includes the soldier's Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and the City and State from which they entered service.  Be sure to see a copy of the actual database itself, which can be downloaded as either an Excel Spreadsheet or in PDF file format.  The database contains additional information when known, such as rank, Army Serial Number, and medals and awards earned by the soldier.


Cacioppo, Gaspare A    Brooklyn                 NY

Caggiano, Ralph A      Corona                   NY

Cahill, James A Jr     Jefferson Co.            NY

Cain, Charles E        Wichita                  KS

Cain, Llewellyn B Jr   San Jose                 CA

Calder, William E      Edgerton                 KS

Calderon, Joe          Anthony                  KS

Caldwell, John R       Woodruff                 SC

Caldwell, John T       Salina                   KS

Cales, Ralph L         Winfield                 KS

Caley, William H.      Finleyville              PA

Calhoun, Billy E       Wichita                  KS

Calie, Marcel J        Fairlawn                 NJ

Callahan, Albert L     Baltimore                MD

Callahan, Harold       Gainesville              GA

Callicut, Whitten L    Brooklyn                 NY

Calvert, Athel         Crane Hill               AL

Camerato, Peter F      Lexington                MA

Cameron, Daniel        Galion                   OH

Cameron, Linden H      Hillsboro                OR

Camfield, Robert L     Hasing                   NE

Campana, William D     Yonkers                  NY

Campbell, Archie J     Centerline               MI

Campbell, Clarence O   Middletown               OH

Campbell, George       Chicago                  IL

Campbell, James F      Morristown               TN

Campbell, Joseph E     Vandalia                 IL

Campbell, Maurice M    New Cumberland           PA

Campbell, Paul L       Palatka                  FL

Campbell, Robert D     Allen                    AL

Campbell, Ross L       Redvale                  CO

Campbell, Thomas J     Fort Pierce              FL

Campbell, William R    Cottonwood Falls         KS

Cancellieri, Anthony J Riverside                NY

Canelli, Salvatore J   Baltimore                MD

Cannella, Michael A    Brooklyn                 NY

Canning, John J Jr     Rosedale                 NY

Cannon, Cyrus C        McFarland                CA

Cannon, Robert F       Yellow Springs           MD

Cannon, Woodrow W      Newton                   KS

Cannone, Joseph L      Portland                 ME

Cannuci, Salvatore J   Brooklyn                 NY

Canterbury, James I    Dunbar                   WV

Canty, Michael P       Ottawa                   IL

Caparatta, Joseph      Detroit                  MI

Capelli, John J        New York                 NY

Capers, Hugh W         Troy                     AL

Capps, Asa C           Orient                   IO

Capps, Eugene Q        Clay                     KY

Cappuccio, Joseph F    Hammonton                NJ

Cappucio, Silvio A     Bronx                    NY

Capriotti, Edward R    Philadelphia             PA

Caraway, Lawson E      Detroit                  MI

Carcone, Edmund W      Providence               RI

Card, Robert H         Forest Hills             NY

Card, Robert L         Farmington               MI

Cardiel, Alfred O      Los Angeles              CA

Carey, Floyd B         Riverton                 NJ