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134th Infantry Regiment

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137th Infantry Regiment Roster

137th Infantry Regiment Crest

Names beginning with the letter C

This database was compiled by Mr. Rick Callendar based on the book "35th Infantry Division Roster POE to POE".  The alphabetical listings on these web pages includes the soldier's Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, and the City and State from which they entered service.  Be sure to see a copy of the actual database itself, which can be downloaded as either an Excel Spreadsheet or in PDF file format.  The database contains additional information when known, such as rank, Army Serial Number, and medals and awards earned by the soldier.


Cacioppo, Gaspare A    Brooklyn                 NY

Caggiano, Ralph A      Corona                   NY

Cahill, James A Jr     Jefferson Co.            NY

Cain, Charles E        Wichita                  KS

Cain, Llewellyn B Jr   San Jose                 CA

Calder, William E      Edgerton                 KS

Calderon, Joe          Anthony                  KS

Caldwell, John R       Woodruff                 SC

Caldwell, John T       Salina                   KS

Cales, Ralph L         Winfield                 KS

Caley, William H.      Finleyville              PA

Calhoun, Billy E       Wichita                  KS

Calie, Marcel J        Fairlawn                 NJ

Callahan, Albert L     Baltimore                MD

Callahan, Harold       Gainesville              GA

Callicut, Whitten L    Brooklyn                 NY

Calvert, Athel         Crane Hill               AL

Camerato, Peter F      Lexington                MA

Cameron, Daniel        Galion                   OH

Cameron, Linden H      Hillsboro                OR

Camfield, Robert L     Hasing                   NE

Campana, William D     Yonkers                  NY

Campbell, Archie J     Centerline               MI

Campbell, Clarence O   Middletown               OH

Campbell, George       Chicago                  IL

Campbell, James F      Morristown               TN

Campbell, Joseph E     Vandalia                 IL

Campbell, Maurice M    New Cumberland           PA

Campbell, Paul L       Palatka                  FL

Campbell, Robert D     Allen                    AL

Campbell, Ross L       Redvale                  CO

Campbell, Thomas J     Fort Pierce              FL

Campbell, William R    Cottonwood Falls         KS

Cancellieri, Anthony J Riverside                NY

Canelli, Salvatore J   Baltimore                MD

Cannella, Michael A    Brooklyn                 NY

Canning, John J Jr     Rosedale                 NY

Cannon, Cyrus C        McFarland                CA

Cannon, Robert F       Yellow Springs           MD

Cannon, Woodrow W      Newton                   KS

Cannone, Joseph L      Portland                 ME

Cannuci, Salvatore J   Brooklyn                 NY

Canterbury, James I    Dunbar                   WV

Canty, Michael P       Ottawa                   IL

Caparatta, Joseph      Detroit                  MI

Capelli, John J        New York                 NY

Capers, Hugh W         Troy                     AL

Capps, Asa C           Orient                   IO

Capps, Eugene Q        Clay                     KY

Cappuccio, Joseph F    Hammonton                NJ

Cappucio, Silvio A     Bronx                    NY

Capriotti, Edward R    Philadelphia             PA

Caraway, Lawson E      Detroit                  MI

Carcone, Edmund W      Providence               RI

Card, Robert H         Forest Hills             NY

Card, Robert L         Farmington               MI

Cardiel, Alfred O      Los Angeles              CA

Carey, Floyd B         Riverton                 NJ

Carey, George P        New Haven                CT

Carey, Richard O       Oskaloosa                KS

Carey, William O       Oskaloosa                KS

Carini, Ignazio        Paterson                 NJ

Caris, Vandeleur C     Portland                 OR

Carkin, John W         Salem                    OR

Carl, Roy A Jr         Shamokin                 PA

Carleton, Harrey E     N/A                      N/A

Carlisle, John A Jr    Bogalusa                 LA

Carloss, Dewey G       Wichita                  KS

Carlson, Carl M        Cleghorn                 IO

Carlson, Wilbur R      Battleview               ND

Carlton, Thomas M      N/A                      AR

Carlucci, Joseph T     Bronx                    NY

Carman, Eugene C       Richmond                 IN

Carmical, Dudley L     Collins                  AR

Carmichael, Ancel L    Culver City              CA

Carmichael, Joseph A.  Bernard                  TX

Carmody, John T        Rutland                  VT

Carnaggio, James J     Baltimore                MD

Carney, Edward F       Castleton                NY

Carney, Harry M        Cleveland                OH

Carney, Phillip A      Brooklyn                 NY

Carnine, Charles L     Emporia                  KS

Carpenter, Earl R      Madison                  WI

Carpenter, Grover L    Coshocton                OH

Carpenter, Monty L     Fresno                   CA

Carpenter, Otto E      Lexington                OH

Carpineta, Anthony N   Watervelist              NY

Carr, Ezell            Cookeville               TN

Carrasco, Julio B      Nogales                  AZ

Carrico, Robert L      Wichita                  KS

Carrillo, Santiago     Blanco                   TX

Carrithers, Leo B      Johnson                  KS

Carrol, Arthur F       Eau Claire               WI

Carroll, Charles A     Bronx                    NY

Carroll, William T     Bexar Co                 TX

Carrolli, Anthony A    Greensburg               PA

Carron, Robert L       Leipsec                  OH

Carson, Edward F       Salem                    MA

Carson, Harvey R       Council Grove            KS

Carson, Walter         Clifton Heights          PA

Carstenson, Leslie E   Waterloo                 IO

Carter, Crawford W Jr  Etna                     ME

Carter, Donald P       N/A                      N/A

Carter, Harry D        Cincinnati               OH

Carter, Jimmie J       Cedartown                GA

Carter, John J         San Pedro                CA

Carter, Robert A       St Louis                 MO

Carter, Ronald F       Seattle                  WA

Cartwright, Frederick WFort Wayne               IN

Cartwright, John A Jr  Greencastle              IN

Carver, William R      Greenwood                MS

Carvil, John J Jr      Newport News             VA

Casados, Joe B         Raton                    NM

Casas, Joseph M        San Jose, Costa Rica     MD

Case, Bernard N        Marshalltown             IO

Casey, Cecil R         Abilene                  TX

Casey, Nathan G        Lost Creek               WV

Casey, Stanley H       Batesville               AR

Cash, Deward           Crossville               AL

Cash, James W          Wickliffe                KY

Cash, James W          St Louis                 MO

Cash, Leo L            Oxford                   PA

Cashman, John F        Westfield                MA

Casper, Alton T        Raleigh                  NC

Cassidy, James K       Laurel Gardens           PA

Castagna, Angelo A     Brooklyn                 NY

Casteel, Donald K.     Cedar Rapids             IO

Castillo, Alphons E    Chicago                  IL

Castillo, Guilliermo E Baton                    NM

Castle, Harold G       Addison                  MI

Castro, Daniel         New Braunfels            TX

Catalano, Frank V      Paterson                 NJ

Catau, John            Baltimore                MD

Cater, Donald R        St Cloud                 MN

Cathey, John C         Fairview                 OK

Catlett, Marvin J      Edinburg                 TX

Catt, George W         Augusta                  KS

Catt, Homer J          Augusta                  KS

Caturia, William T     Red Wing                 MN

Caughran, J B          Rockford                 TN

Causey, William S Jr   Forrest City             AR

Cavalieri, Orlando     Kingsford                MI

Cavarett, Michael C    Buffalo                  NY

Caveness, James H      Burlington               NC

Cavin, Gilbert J       Ollie                    IO

Cavin, Robert H        Detroit                  MI

Cayado, Pedro P Sr     Concord                  NC

Cecala, Joseph P       Chicago                  IL

Ceponis, John P        N/A                      N/A

Cerezo, Simon          New York                 NY

Cernek, Martin F       Palmer                   NY

Cerone, Alfonso J      Bronx                    NY

Cessna, Virge A        Brooklyn                 NY

Chambers, Eugene F     Detroit                  MI

Chambers, John H       Hickory                  NC

Chambers, Lowell D     Atlanta                  GA

Chambless, Robert B    Dallas                   TX

Chance, James A        Linwood                  KS

Chancellor, James S    Brownfield               TX

Chandler, J H          N/A                      N/A

Chaney, Charles R      Chillicothe              OH

Chapel, Everett L      Grand Rapids             MI

Chapel, Robert E       Uncasville               CT

Chapman, Emmet W       Kansas City              MO

Chapman, Hubert L      Forney                   TX

Chapman, Jules B       Miami                    FL

Charlson, Herman J     Le Mars                  IO

Chavez, Dan A          Galisteo                 NM

Chavez, David D        San Rafael               NM

Cheatham, William D    Ava                      IL

Cheatum, Thelbert R    Medford                  OR

Cheek, James A         Independence             MO

Cheney, Maurice W      Bertha                   MN

Cheow, Lee M           Los Angeles              CA

Cherry, Melvin K       Portersfield             WI

Chezmar, John P        Fords                    NY

Chiappone, Dominick    Brooklyn                 NY

Childers, Galen W      Wichita                  KS

Childers, Louis O      Tracy City               TN

Childree, Hildry       Ozark                    AL

Childs, Roy            Chanute                  KS

Chimienti, Frank       New York                 NY

Chingery, George       Perth Amboy              NJ

Chipman, Stuart R      Wayne Co                 MI

Chisom, Howard L       Roanoke                  VA

Chitwood, Gerald W     Blue River               WI

Cholod, Anthony        Pittsfield               MA

Chrismond, Edward A    Clarksdale               MS

Christensen, Ernest O  Westbrook                MN

Christian, Irving M    Lansing                  MI

Christiansen, Chester DKalispell                MT

Christiansen, Michael STacoma                   WA

Christianson, Roy O    Fargo                    ND

Christy, Clayton A     West Planes              MO

Chuculate, Leonard L   La Habra                 CA

Church, Elbert         Billingsley              AL

Ciba, Edward J         Jersey City              NJ

Cielieska, John J      Homestead                PA

Ciesielski, Frank S    Chicago                  IL

Cieslak, Leo S         Cleveland                OH

Cimesa, John L         Gary                     IN

Cimini, Peter J.       Solvay                   NY

Ciolkosz, Frank L      Winsted                  CT

Ciorli, Dominic J.     Tamagua                  PA

Ciotti, Dante          Archbald                 PA

Cipriani, Frank        Detroit                  MI

Ciraelella, Ross       Cleveland                OH

Cirrincione, Salvatore Brooklyn                 NY

Cisek, Mike            N/A                      IL

Ciuchta, Milton S      Baltimore                MD

Claire, Philip P       Astoria                  NY

Clapper, Clair L       N. Little Rock           AR

Clark, Alfred K        Pawnee City              NE

Clark, Burl W          Mt Summit                IN

Clark, Clifton         Oberlin                  LA

Clark, Donald W        Findlay                  OH

Clark, Frederick D     Chicago                  IL

Clark, John E          Chicago                  IL

Clark, Kenneth I       Brookfield               MO

Clark, Lawrence E      Canon City               CO

Clark, Oakley          Ruth                     MS

Clark, Robert C        Manchester               NH

Clark, Robert W        Willoughby               OH

Clark, Roy E           Uniontown                KS

Clark, Thomas J        Trenton                  NJ

Clark, William F       Merrill                  MI

Clarke, George W       Lake Charles             LA

Clasby, James K        Louisville               KY

Claseman, Cyril J      Clinton                  IO

Class, Russell G       Navarre                  OH

Claus, Orval C         Sloane                   IO

Clausen, Julius B      Lincoln                  MT

Clavelle, Raymond      Winoocki                 VT

Clawson, Roy N         Mount Holly              NC

Clayton, Benjamin R    Terre Haute              IN

Clayton, Richard M     Aurora                   IL

Cleaton, Walter H      Ford                     VA

Cleaveland, Orville B  Pipestone                MN

Clegg, Arden B         Mankato                  KS

Clemens, William F     Fordyce                  AR

Clement, James M       Fall River               MA

Clemons, Lawrence P    Plains                   PA

Clemons, Marvin J      Iron City                TN

Cler, Herman           Philadelphia             PA

Cleveland, James M     Sweetwater               TN

Clifton, Lewis E       Owenton                  KY

Clindinin, Harry R     Montezuma                IO

Cline, George W        Chattanooga              TN

Cline, Melvin M.       Kansas City              MO

Cline, Victor B        Del Monte                CA

Clingerman, Elbert M   Bowling Green            IN

Clippert, Duane J      Beloit                   WI

Cloney, James M        Salt Lake City           UT

Clopton, Deane W       N/A                      N/A

Cloutier, Donald F     Boston                   MA

Clowe, Floyd O         Horton                   KS

Clute, Owen L          West Oneonta             NY

Coates, Jesse          Eaton                    OH

Coats, Harold R        Jasper                   MO

Cobb, Elbert B         Decatur                  AL

Coberly, Claud R       Glenville                WV

Cobos, Frank           Alpine                   TX

Cochran, Junior R      Amonia                   CA

Cockayne, Clarence D   Covington                KY

Codemo, Vincent F      New York                 NY

Cody, Jack C           Newton Co                MO

Cody, Richard V        Escanaba                 MI

Coffman, John L        Urbana                   OH

Coffman, Lawnie        Hector                   AR

Coffman, Leonard L     Grundy Co                IO

Coffman, Leonard L     Clyde                    TX

Coffman, Leonard L.    Waukesha                 WI

Coggins, Joseph R      Henderson                NC

Cohen, Bernard         Brooklyn                 NY

Cohen, Myer L          Somerville               MA

Cohen, Sidney          Chicago                  IL

Cohlmia, Sam H         Wichita                  KS

Coker, Arthur E        Kinston                  NC

Colacci, Anthony       Louisville               CO

Colacci, Robert H      N/A                      N/A

Colbert, William       Lomita                   CA

Coldiron, Delbert C    Frenchburg               KY

Cole, Martin W         Wichita                  KS

Cole, William R        Fisherville              VA

Colella, Frank         Brooklyn                 NY

Coleman, Harry         Columbia                 SC

Coleman, Hinal L       Gastonia                 NC

Coleman, Howard W      Birmingham               AL

Colicchio, Robert L    Astubula                 OH

Collachia, Tony J      Chicago                  IL

Collins, Donald I      Jersey City              NJ

Collins, Ernest E      Palisade Park            NY

Collins, Ernest R      Inglewood                CA

Collins, James L       Portland                 OR

Collins, Joseph R      Hanaker                  KY

Collins, Rushie        Floyd Co.                KY

Collister, George      Cleveland                OH

Colluro, Bonaventure   Brooklyn                 NY

Colonnese, Frank P Jr  Bridgeport               CT

Colosimo, Felix J      Utica                    NY

Colt, Charles C Jr     New York                 NY

Combs, Landis          Happy                    KY

Comer, Marcus L        New Lebanon              OH

Compton, Frank J       Wichita                  KS

Compton, Marvin G      Turon                    KS

Compton, Oscar P       Xenia                    OH

Conaway, William H     Wilmington               DE

Condon, Kenneth M      Buffalo                  NY

Condren, Robert G      Medina                   OH

Condrey, John F        Bostic                   NC

Congero, Amelio        Long Island              NY

Conklin, James P       Rockford                 IL

Conley, John F         Leon                     KS

Conley, Lynton M.      Syracuse                 KS

Conn, Roger            Newkirk                  OK

Connell, Raymond A     Aspinwall                PA

Connell, William D     Delavan                  IL

Connelly, Thomas J     Philadelphia             PA

Conner, Jack C. Sr     Utica                    MI

Conner, Thurman R      Homestead                FL

Conners, Jack P        Detroit                  MI

Conners, John C        Quincy                   MA

Connery, Charles P     Savannah                 GA

Consola, Jerry         Bronx                    NY

Constable, Richard L   Princeton                MO

Constantine, James T   Linden                   NJ

Contois, Albert A      Bloomfield               NJ

Contrael, Rudolph G    Harrisburg               PA

Conway, Frank V        Annapolis                IN

Conway, James H        St Louis                 MO

Cook, Earl G           Cherryville              NC

Cook, Elmer A          East Liverpool           OH

Cook, General G        Marshall                 NC

Cook, Harold R         Derby                    KS

Cook, James V          Youngstown               OH

Cook, John E           Griggsville              IL

Cook, Melvin W         Fort Dodge               IO

Cook, Moarlee J        Du Bois                  PA

Cook, Paul E           Canton                   OH

Cook, Richard E        Chappaqua                NY

Cook, Robert E         Detroit                  MI

Cook, Robert F         Pineville                WV

Cook, Russell L        Satanta                  KS

Cook, Warren J         Milford                  MA

Cook, Willie E         Mitcheville              TN

Cooksey, Roy E         Brentwood                MO

Cookson, Glen W        Evans City               PA

Coolidge, Jason E Jr   Lima                     OH

Cooney, Joseph P.      Brooklyn                 NY

Cooney, Walter F       Springfield              OH

Cooper, Charles A      Louisville               KY

Cooper, Clifford A     Freeport                 KS

Cooper, Edward         Cumberland               KY

Cooper, Ford J         Dayton                   OH

Cooper, Gara O         Cushing                  TX

Cooper, James M        West Green               GA

Cooper, James W        Neodesha                 KS

Cooper, John E         Emporia                  KS

Cooper, Luther P       Williamsburg             OH

Cooper, Peter P        Arcadia                  FL

Cooper, Peter P        Timberlake               NC

Cooter, Roscoe C       Englewood                TN

Coots, Bernard W       Detroit                  MI

Copeland, James D      Sequatchie               TN

Copeland, Joe T        Milan                    TN

Copeland, R Scott      Richmond                 VA

Coppage, Curtis S      Denton                   TX

Coppage, Eppa C        Alexandria               VA

Corbelli, Adolph       Inwood                   NY

Corbett, Eugene F      Brooklyn                 NY

Corda, Angelo R        Gonzales                 CA

Corey, Louis B.        Littleton                NH

Corley, Grafton B      Dothan                   AL

Cormier, Joseph R      Somersville              CT

Cornett, Tradford R    Pratt                    KS

Corr, Meredith L       Clearwater               KS

Cortese, Ralph L       Detroit                  MI

Corwin, Ellis R        Ashley                   OH

Cose, Jesse A          Deloit                   IO

Cosimano, Anthony J    Newark                   NJ

Cosma, John H          Salem                    OH

Cosman, Samuel P       Paterson                 NJ

Cossey, Claud          Bee Branch               AR

Cossio, Matias         Denver                   CO

Costa, Rocco           Pittsburgh               PA

Cote, Roger R          Sugusta                  ME

Cotham, Woodrow        Lobelville               TN

Cothran, Samuel B      Altavista                VA

Cotton, William E      Pittsburgh               PA

Couch, Melvin J        Topeka                   KS

Countryman, Kenneth    Henderson                NC

Courbier, Donald       Reese                    MI

Courson, Gordon T      Philadelphia             PA

Courtmanche, Joseph A  Mendon                   MA

Courtney, Alva W Jr    Redding                  CA

Covell, Robert O       N/A                      N/A

Covington, Willie E    Dallas                   TX

Cowan, Henry S         Manson                   WA

Cowart, Leon           Pike Co                  AR

Cowden, William N      Kiowa                    KS

Cowen, Sander P        New York                 NY

Cowham, Raymond T      Cassopolis               MI

Cowles, George F       Southington              CT

Cowling, Jesse R       Mineral Springs          AR

Cowling, William D     Wilmar                   CA

Cox, Albert R          Leaksville               NC

Cox, Billy C           Lexington                KY

Cox, Harold W          Grimes                   OK

Cox, Hubert K          Muncie                   IN

Cox, Jack B            Wichita                  KS

Cox, James R           Conasauga                TN

Cox, John F            Dubuque                  IO

Cox, Leonard L         Wichita Falls            TX

Cox, Ralph C           Santa Cruz               CA

Cox, Varnie            Marytown                 WV

Cox, Willie D          Maynardville             TN

Coxwell, Albert L      Louisville               GA

Coyle, John J          Philadelphia             PA

Coyne, Francis W       Manchester               NH

Coyne, Richard J       Aurora                   IL

Crabtree, Cecil D      Rockwell City            IO

Craddock, Charles H Jr Kenedy                   TX

Craddock, Joseph D     Winnsboro                TX

Craft Lyle B           Streator                 IL

Craft, Max E           Wichita                  KS

Craft, Rayburn L       Kansas City              KS

Craft, William H       Detroit                  MI

Craig, Charles F       Udall                    KS

Crain, John J          N/A                      N/A

Crane, Hobert E        Constableville           NY

Crane, Phil W          Burley                   ID

Crasper, Frank V       Cherokee                 IO

Crawford, Glen M       Dodge City               KS

Crawford, Jack R       Chicago                  IL

Crawford, John T       Drexel Hill              PA

Crawley, H B           Kennedy                  AL

Crayton, Lester G                               VA

Creasman, Frank A      Candler                  NC

Creegan, Andrew T      Pittsburgh               PA

Creeson, James C       Winston-Salem            NC

Crews, Collie          Jesup                    GA

Crews, Farrington S    Winston-Salem            NC

Crews, James W Jr      Durham                   NC

Criger, Kenneth E      Petoskey                 MI

Crile, John W          Crawford                 NE

Crim, William C        McMinnville              TN

Critchlow, Carl E      Topeka                   KS

Criticos, Anastasios GeRochester                NY

Critser, Charles W     Aurora                   IL

Crittenden, W A        Detroit                  MI

Crizer, William R      Philadelphia             PA

Crocker, Edwin F       St Petersburg            FL

Crockett, John L.      West Roxbury             MA

Crombe, Clyde W        Pittsford                NY

Cromer, William R      Pomaria                  SC

Cronin, Robert H       Galesburg                IL

Croom, Manley P        Fayetteville             NC

Crosby, John L         Carlinville              IL

Cross, Alfred K        Winfield                 TN

Cross, Leonard D       Gibson City              IL

Cross, Therold B       Massena                  NY

Cross, Thomas E        Furley                   KS

Crosta, Ralph N        Newark                   NJ

Crow, Harry M          Wichita                  KS

Crowley, Jack C        Wallace                  ID

Crowley, Peter C       Watertown                MA

Crownover, Cleo R      Kansas City              MO

Crozier, Clint S       Savannah                 GA

Cruickshank, Benjamin JCleveland                OH

Cruikshank, Johnny     Grimes                   IO

Crum, Paul D           Logan                    WV

Crumley, Roy J         Crawfordsville           IN

Crumpton, Harry        New York                 NY

Crussen, William G     Detroit                  MI

Cubeta, Pete           Nettleton                PA

Culliver, J C          Mize                     MS

Cummings, Edward J.    Camden                   NJ

Cummings, Felix V      Lawrence                 KS

Cummings, Howard A     Duncannon                PA

Cummings, Joe T        Valley Mills             TX

Cummings, Thomas C     Gary                     IN

Cunha, John H          Arlington                MA

Cunliffe, Fred B       Helena                   MT

Cunningham, Carl N     Latrobe                  PA

Cunningham, Duane L    Albion                   NE

Cunningham, Eli O.     Terra Alta               WV

Cunningham, James H    Harrisburg               AR

Cunningham, Robert A   Upper Darby              PA

Cunningham,Walter V Jr Philadelphia             PA

Cunzo, George          Brooklyn                 NY

Curl, Joseph L         Louisville               KY

Curl, Kenneth L        Indianapolis             IN

Curlee, William R      Tulsa                    OK

Curren, Lamont W       Bloomfield               NJ

Currin, Otis B Jr      Angier                   NC

Curtis Kenneth R       Eureka                   MT

Curtis, Raymond E      Pierceton                IN

Curtis, Robert L       Spring Lake              NJ

Cusimano, James A      Boston                   MA

Cuskelly, Andrew F     Woodside                 NY

Cutler, Jacob S        Philadelphia             PA

Cutler, Joseph H       Los Angeles              CA

Cuttaia, Joseph J      Cleveland                OH

Cuzyk, Raymond J       Holyoke                  MA

Czapp, William C.      Union City               NJ

Czernewski, Richard J  Chicago                  IL

Czupryna, Frank P      Indian Orchard           MA

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the 137th Infantry Regiment database in Excel file format

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the 137th Infantry Regiment database in PDF file format

Abbreviations contained in this database include the following: BSM - Bronze Star Medal; CIB - Combat Infantry Badge; DOW - Died of Wounds; DSC - Distinguished Service Cross; GCM - Good Conduct Medal; KIA - Killed in Action; LWA - Lightly Wounded in Action; PH - Purple Heart; SSM - Silver Star Medal; SWA - Seriously Wounded in Action; WIA - Wounded in Action.

Rick Callendar is the nephew of Pfc. Joseph T. Ryan who served in Company L of the 137th Infantry Regiment.  He began compiling this database about 12 years ago and continues to add new information as it becomes available.

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