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Film - 134th Infantry Regiment in WWII

In Memory of those men who made the Supreme Sacrifice the 134th Infantry presents the following pictures. These pictures cover scenes beginning in Cornwall, England, and continuing through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and return to the United States. Climate conditions cause much deterioration of this film, for which an apology is offered. "I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you men who made the history of the Regiment what it is today. LA WE LA HIS, ALL HELL DIDN'T STOP US." - Colonel Butler B. Miltonberger

Video - Part 9


The film shows this event from Nancy, followed by a brief repeat of some of the Marlene Dietrich footage from Part 8

Arlon, Belgium. The city is shown in various seasons

General Baade and Col. Boatsman receive official recognition from city officials at Nancy.

School at Rheims where Germany signed the surrender

Camp Norfolk - Rheims re-deployment center

Regtl. Parade at Camp Norfolk

Lt. Col. Craig, Comdr. of Troops

D.S.C. Winner, Medical Dets; also 1,000,000th man deployed ETO

Major Caroll receives the Silver Star

Lt. Butler receives the Bronze Star. The parade continues after the medals are awarded

The scene shifts to a dock. Soldiers board a ship.

Embarking for Southhampton, England from LaHavre, France.

Upper sundeck, Queen Mary, Homeward-bound

Entering New York Harbor. Ferries and the Statue of Liberty are shown as the ship reaches home.

Docking the Queen Mary, Sept. 10, 1945.

Home and Glad of it!

Video - Part 9

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