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Film - 134th Infantry Regiment in WWII

In Memory of those men who made the Supreme Sacrifice the 134th Infantry presents the following pictures. These pictures cover scenes beginning in Cornwall, England, and continuing through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and return to the United States. Climate conditions cause much deterioration of this film, for which an apology is offered. "I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you men who made the history of the Regiment what it is today. LA WE LA HIS, ALL HELL DIDN'T STOP US." - Colonel Butler B. Miltonberger

Video - Part 7


Sgt. Spears, Wire Section

M/Sgt. Johnson, Communications Chief. Soldiers receive ribbons.

Battlefield Commissions. Lt. Hanna, 3rd Bn, Hq Staff.

Capt. O'Keefe.

Capt. McDannel

Major Godwin

Major Dan E. Craig

Three Sergeants receive Battlefield Commissions

Replacements arrive at Division rear

Capt. Ruby. There are footage of soldiers outside, followed by faded scenes from the French countryside. A plane flies overhead.

Fire for effect. Soldiers shoot mortars.

Cemetery at St. Michel.

Postal regulating station at Verdun.

Stanislas Square, Nancy, France.

Col. Miltonberger leaves City Hall, Nancy, France, after receiving the Cross of Lorraine and Scroll for the colors made from the old gates of the Duke of Lorraine's Palace.

Regtl CO and staff at Brin.

Marlene Dietrich entertains the 134th Infantry, near Brin. Dietrich dressed in soldiers battlefield gear chats with the troops and looks at their equipment.

Light Plant Mac. Brin footage continues with shots of Dietrich now in a glamorous dress. She signs autographs.

Crater at St. Jean Rohrbach caused by 500-lb bomb dropped by homeward bound fighter pilot.

Regtl, CP, Sarguimines Area.

Saturday night for WO Barth. A soldier bathes. The film cuts to several soldiers in a field.

Correspondent L.W. Youngman, of Omaha World-Herald. A journalist dressed in field gear with a camera around his neck speaks with soldiers. This is followed by pictures of war devastation.

A film break leads into footage at winter. A tank rolls through snow.

Ardennes Campaign, Sainlez, Belgium, near Bastogne.

Nazi P.W.'s

Arlon-Bastogne Highway.

Lt. Col. Wood's Chateau.

Replacements for 3rd Bn report and are separated into Company groups.

Regtl CP moves up.

Results of 1st Bn fighting. The camera pans over stacks of dead bodies.

Video - Part 7

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