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Film - 134th Infantry Regiment in WWII

In Memory of those men who made the Supreme Sacrifice the 134th Infantry presents the following pictures. These pictures cover scenes beginning in Cornwall, England, and continuing through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and return to the United States. Climate conditions cause much deterioration of this film, for which an apology is offered. "I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you men who made the history of the Regiment what it is today. LA WE LA HIS, ALL HELL DIDN'T STOP US." - Colonel Butler B. Miltonberger

Video - Part 5


134th Infantry, E.T.O. A sign reads, "St. Hilaire du Harcouet." The camera shows destroyed buildings.

Capt. Sutter, S-3, 2nd Bn.

Hq Co mess near Chateaudun.

Hedgerow entrenchments, vicinity Mortain.

Capt. Palmer on a captured motorcycle.

Sgt. Minor of Hq Co. The footage of the soldier changes into a move to Orleans, as indicated by a sign. The area is devastated.

Regtl S-3 Section ready to move. Soldiers sit in a truck outside a stone chateau

Decoration ceremony in Montargis, France.

Presentations made by General Baade, Div Comdr. A sign reads, "Pro Patria A la Memoire Glorieuse de Enfants de Chateaurenard Morts Pour La France." The sign is underneath a statue draped with American flags.

Four battlefield commissions.

Lt. Wentz, Co "D", Lt. Johnson and Lt. Hughes, Med. Det; and Lt. Noxon of Co "M".

Corp. Fleming.

Capt. Anderson at Joigny, France.

Capt. Miltonberger instructs the Bn. Comdrs.

The FFI go out after 200 Germans. This footage shows soldiers loaded on a truck followed by a brief scene of captured Germans. The camera then shows travel through the region of France.

Maj. Godwin and Sgt. Block go out to negotiate a mass German surrender.

1300 PW's were taken during the next 24 hour period without a casualty to any 134th Infantry man. This footage shows soldiers riding bicycles and marching down a country road.

French civilians ransack abandoned German Army equipment.

Out of Gas - 11 days. Aix En Othe.

Video - Part 5

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