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Film - 134th Infantry Regiment in WWII

In Memory of those men who made the Supreme Sacrifice the 134th Infantry presents the following pictures. These pictures cover scenes beginning in Cornwall, England, and continuing through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and return to the United States. Climate conditions cause much deterioration of this film, for which an apology is offered. "I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you men who made the history of the Regiment what it is today. LA WE LA HIS, ALL HELL DIDN'T STOP US." - Colonel Butler B. Miltonberger

Video - Part 2


Company "A," Capt. McGowan commanding

Capt. Krebsbaugh, Mason, Davis, Rubottom and McGowan.

Capt. Davis, CO Company "C"

Capt. Rubottom, CO Company "D"

Sgt. Guiken. Sgt. McKay - KIA, St. Lo.

Retreat ceremony, Reg CP, Pendarvis, Cornwall, England.

Hq Company, Pendarvis.

Capt. Palmer, CO, HQ Company.

Personnel Section, Pendarvis.

Lt. Getz, Asst. Pers Officer.

Capt. Anderson, Pers Officer.

ENROUTE to Normandy. Soldiers shave each other's heads, play cards and otherwise occupy themselves as they travel by ship. 200 bunks - 800 men Who said doubleloaded? 10-in-1 Ration.

Omaha Beach. 2nd Bn and Serv Co disembark. The 134th Infantry Regiment landed at Omaha Beach on July 5- July 6, 1944.

Red E land area and hills overlooking Omaha Beach.

Control areas above Omaha Beach.

Personnel Section make first combat move in Normandy. Soldiers stand amidst rubble and load equipment.

1st P.W. taken by 2nd Bn. An enemy soldier stands with his hands on his head under guard. This is followed by scenes of other soldiers after the battle. One lays wire.

Some Germans did not withdraw. Scenes of dead bodies.

Defensive position after Battle of St. Lo. Soldiers relax in a wooded area. They sit, smoke, talk and tend to small duties.

Personnel Section "dig in." This segment includes scenes of the section's camp. A man sits at a typewriter. The scene shifts to a stone building and a soldier breaking down crates - then back to the camp where soldiers dig.

Regtl CP on Hill 122 at St. Lo. Soldiers stand in front of the dugout they've built.

Sgt. Hrnicek tapes off a dud.

Lt. Col. Alfred Thomsen later KIA vicinity Vire.

Capt. Keltner, Asst S-3, later seriously wounded as CO, Co "A."

Sgt. Shearer, Regtl Operations Sgt.

Video - Part 2

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