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Film - 134th Infantry Regiment in WWII

In Memory of those men who made the Supreme Sacrifice the 134th Infantry presents the following pictures. These pictures cover scenes beginning in Cornwall, England, and continuing through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and return to the United States. Climate conditions cause much deterioration of this film, for which an apology is offered. "I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you men who made the history of the Regiment what it is today. LA WE LA HIS, ALL HELL DIDN'T STOP US." - Colonel Butler B. Miltonberger

Video - Part 1


Capt. Lassiter and Capt. Feld at Co "L", Cornwall, England. Several soldiers stand around a medic jeep parked outside of a stone building.

134th Infantry Band Concert for British 3rd Bn, CP, Cornwall, England. People are seated on grass, listening to a small band play. The audience includes soldiers, civilians and children.

Service Company and Supply Installation, Clowance Estate, Camborne, Cornwall. Soldiers load supply trucks with crates from tents.

M/Sgt. Morgan supervises ration issue.

Capt. (Dr. Feld); Sgt. Nicolau "Ambulance Sickness." Two men lean over a low stone fence on the side of the road and vomit.

Medical Detachment receive instruction from British Medical Sergeant.

Training with captured German weapons.

35th Division CP, Tavistock, England. Scenes of soldiers outside a military chapel.

The Division CG C of S. Scenes from an outdoor briefing.

Softball at Pendarvis, Service Company 25 Hq Company 1.

Capt. Melcher, CO Co "K" Marazion, Cornwall.

Company "K" billets. This scene shows the exterior of a building with a sign that reads, "Goldolphin Hotel."

Company "K" for the record. 1st Platoon, Company "M" Members walk down steps single-file near a beach area.

2nd Battalion review at St. Ives. CO, Lt. Col. Denver W. Wilson. Troops walk down a narrow town street. Townspeople watch and follow along.

Lt. Canatsy, CO, Company "G" later KIA, St. Lo. The camera pans over more soldiers in formation.

Capt. McDaniel, CO Company "E" Pass in Review.

2nd Battalion, CO and staff: Lt. Col. Denver W. Wilson, Capt. Fleming, Capt. Becker, Capt. Lea, Chaplain Hays, Lt. Washburn. Regimental Band. Close-ups on the officers listed, followed by scenes of the band and others marching down a street. Children run alongside of them.

1st Battalion CP, Penzance.

1st Battalion guardmount, Penzance, Cornwall.

Lt. (Pop) Ellender.

Lt. Kryder - later seriously wounded.

Capt. Leslie G. Wilson, of Omaha. KIA, St. Lo.

Cannon Co, Truegullo, Cornwall. CO, Capt. Asher of Scottsbluff, Nebr.

1st Sgt. Foster - later promoted to Captain as CO of Company "E." 1st Bn Parade - Penzance. CO, Lt. Col. Alford C. Boatsman.

Hq Company 1st Bn, Capt. Krebsbaugh commanding.

Video - Part 1

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