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134th Infantry Regiment, Comapny K, 1931

134th Infantry Regiment, Company K - Camp Ashland, Nebraska - 1931

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By Nicholas Tuma

Company K was originally organized in December 1920 entirely with Union Pacific employees. John McFarland Guild (division safety agent) was elected the captain, Douglas F. Smith (member of the legal staff) the first lieutenant, and David M. Marvin (chief clerk of the general manager's office) the second lieutenant.

The railroad allowed its members who were National Guardsmen essentially a paid vacation to attend the annual training at Camp Ashland. This changed in at least 1932, when enlisted men were only paid the difference between their railroad pay and what they received from the federal and state government (the Nebraska legislature supported the National Guard with an additional salary from its appropriations to the Adjutant General's Office in most years from 1921- 1940). There is a series of documents in the Nebraska State Historical Society relating to the debate on this matter (Record Group 18, Subgroup 13, Series 2, Box 94, Folder 22).

Membership in Company K was not exclusively limited to railroad employees, but in 1932, 55 of the 64 enlisted members of the company were still employees. The 2nd Battalion Headquarters Company of the 134th Infantry was also organized with Union Pacific employees when it was relocated from Sidney to Omaha in May 1928. Union Pacific also had representation in Companies D, H, and L of the 134th Infantry in 1932, although these units were never officially sponsored by the railroad.

MacDonald Photo was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1913 by Frederick MacDonald, and he operated the studio until his death in 1934, when it was taken over by his wife Helen, who ran it for about a decade. The studio was under the "MacDonald" name until it was purchased by the partnership of Edholm and Blomgren in 1957. In 1986, Richard E. Blomgren donated a collection of over 20,000 MacDonald photos to the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Company K Roster - August 1931

All members of the Company (3 officers and 64 men) were marked as attending the camp from August 3-17, 1931. There were no recorded absences. The one Reserve Officer attached for training may or may not be included in this photo.

Captain Emil B. Peterson
1st Lt. Judd W. Crocker
2nd Lt. Edwin C. Gatz

1st Sgt. Steven H. Brock
Sgt. Salomon Bueze
Sgt. Richard E. Drummy
Sgt. Virgil D. Flynn
Sgt. Joseph Hailicka
Sgt. Chris J. Jensen
Sgt. Derrance W. Mann
Sgt. Frank Rubenstein

Cpl. Charles E. Anderson
Cpl. Lester J. Bachman
Cpl. Thomas B. Clark
Cpl. Willard G. Cole
Cpl. William P. Dugdale
Cpl. Bernard L. Hansen
Cpl. Leon T. Julien
Cpl. Peter J. Kleine

Privates First Class:
Pfc. Harold P. Armstrong
Pfc. (Spec. 6 Cl.) Karlton F. Burkhart
Pfc. John K. Conn
Pfc. Marvin B. Crawford
Pfc. (Spec. 6 Cl.) Ernest P. Dimon
Pfc. Emil W. Gehrke
Pfc. Marx K. Goldberg
Pfc. Harry K. Granshaw
Pfc. William L. Hughes
Pfc. Harry B. Jacobsen
Pfc. Charles H. Reed
Pfc. Jay R. Shestak
Pfc. John A. Stanesik
Pfc. Merle A. Van Dyke
Pfc. Emil C. Wagner
Pvt. Edwin F.L. Ainsworth
Pvt. Howard L. Berkshire
Pvt. John J, Blaszak
Pvt. Joseph E. Bodner
Pvt. Frank Borsh, Jr.
Pvt. Paul J. Camden
Pvt. Glen W. Clark
Pvt. Lawrence P. Couch
Pvt. Harold E. Day
Pvt. Arthur D. Dold
Pvt. Howard W. Finney
Pvt. Rodney E. Gibson
Pvt. Thomas B. Hamilton
Pvt. Ottinus Hansen
Pvt. Walter P. Hansen
Pvt. Anton H. Hinchik
Pvt. James C. Holmes
Pvt. Fred H. Hoye
Pvt. Kenneth R. Kimball
Pvt. John A. LaMontin
Pvt. Clyde D. Larrick
Pvt. James D. McDonnell
Pvt. Joseph F. Melies, Jr.
Pvt. Roderick S. Mesecar
Pvt. Joseph F. Murphy
Pvt. Roland T. Peterson
Pvt. John B. Robbins
Pvt. Joseph A. Roy
Pvt. Clarence H. Slayton, Jr.
Pvt. Gerald M. Smith
Pvt. Harold F. Stuben
Pvt. Harry Trider
Pvt. Julius J. Yeshnowski

Assigned Reservists:
2nd Lt. Bernard L. Malcolm

Thanks to Nicholas Tuma from the Nebraska National Guard Museum for this information.

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